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• • • { Tiara Hat Bands} • • •

Tiara Hat Band Military Star
Vintage hardware, military star emblem, chunky red (bakelite?) button, tooled leather strap. Hat ..
Tiara Hat Band Wood & Jewels
Wood applique, vintage jeweled piece, black leather strap. Hat band ties on with smaller str..
Pearls and Rhinestones Tiara Hat Band
Vintage hardware, pearls, vintage buttons and rhinestones, black leather strap with a bronze..
Baby Blue Rhinestone Hardware Tiara Hat Band
Vintage hardware, baby blue rhinestones, and old skeleton keys, brown leather strap with a&n..
REAL Tiara Hat Band
Vintage iron hooks, old crown button that reads "Real", salvaged rhinestone piece, blac..
German Tin and Jewels Tiara Hat Band
Vintage German tin leaves, clear and purple vintage rhinestones, oxblood leather strap. Hat ..
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